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Ayurvedic beauty care package

• Skin and Hair care package.

• Package helps to reduce wrinkles, improve complexion, maintain skin tone and reduce flaccidity

• The treatment improves skin texture, complexion and beautifies body figure

• The therapy considers cosmetic ailments as part of general metabolic problem and hence corrects metabolic problems

• Provides real nourishment to the skin

'About Ayurvedic Beauty Care therapy’
Includes combination of any two or three of the following therapies depending upon the body condition of the guest

• Face massage, Special head massage • Steam bath in herb enriched steam • Whole body massage with Herbal cream / herbal oils • Herbal face pack • Special ayur diet • Medicinal/ Herbal bath

Duration of therapy :

:1 to 11/4 hours / day

Ayurvedic Therapies, Diet, Relaxation activities done as prescribed by Ayurvedic Physician.

Indian tour planers
Indian tour planers
Indian tour planers