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Ayurvedic slimming (weight loss package

• To reduce fat and regain body shape without strict dieting.

• Corrects the possible metabolic errors associated with obesity

• Retains the hormonal balance of the body system

• Removes excess fat from the body using herbal medicines and therapies

• Stimulates the circulatory system to avoid any further deposit of fat

• Removes the excess accumulated liquids from the body

About ayurvedic slimming [weight loss] therapy
The program consists of two types of massages. [1] Massage using herbal powders [2] Massage using herb enriched oils.

This program also includes

• Herb-enriched steam bath
• Herbal juices and herbal tea
• Internal medicines
• Controlled Ayurvedic vegetarian diet

Our doctor will design an appropriate diet schedule according to your taste

Duration of therapy :

1 to 2 hours / day

Ayurvedic Therapies, Diet, Relaxation activities done as prescribed by Ayurvedic Physician.

Indian tour planers
Indian tour planers
Indian tour planers